Friday, April 1, 2011

A Narrow Window 2: Narrow Harder

This is expected to be read in the context of the post immediately preceding this one:  A Narrow Window.

So, I'd written that post, and then, not more than a week or two later I saw NFS:Shift 2 being released on Steam.  Here's an excerpt from the write-up:

Key Features:

  • Next Level of Immersion - Experience visceral first-person racing like never before. The all-new helmet cam recreates realistic driver head movements that deliver an unparalleled sensation of speed: lean and tilt into the apex of corners, feel the impact of every scrape, bump, and crash, experience true in-cockpit vibrations, and more.
  • Other Stuff that was Considered Less Important and Didn't Get the First Bullet Point - Because really, it's all about the Helmet Cam.

The advertising for the game says that the Helmet Cam is all-important.  It's their flagship, first-bullet-point feature.  I find this rather depressing, and if you don't know why, you obviously haven't read A Narrow Window.  Seriously, go read it.  It's really very sensitive; quite interesting and humane.

Also, I don't get why they're saying that the Helmet Cam is "all-new".  Do they not realise that it was also the flagship feature of the first game?  Maybe they're saying that it's been completely redone so now it's all new because none of it is the same as the first game.  I don't know, maybe they just didn't bother to check their facts.  They are advertisers, after all.

Just in case you think I'm making this up, or if you want more pretty pictures like in my last post, you can visit NFS:Shift 2's Steam page here.

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  1. Helmet cam! HOOORAY!!!!

    I'm très excited.

    See? The advertising does work.